Fun Backyard Ideas for Pups Using the Best Artificial Turf for Dogs in Phoenix

Posted by Sunburst Landscaping on June 7, 2022
Artificial Turf for Dogs
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It’s every dog owner’s dream to have their dogs running free and having fun in their backyard. Natural grasses may seem like the perfect place to let your dogs romp, but they hide a lot of things that can harm canines, like ticks, fleas and sharp seeds. So how do you protect your precious pooches from these dangers and make sure they still have fun? Well, you install the best artificial turf for dogs in Phoenix and consider these backyard ideas.

Why Should You Use Synthetic Turf for Dogs in Your Yard?

If you love your dogs and want them to be happy and healthy, then you need to consider artificial grass.

Artificial grass is soft and gentle on the paws, so it won’t hurt your dog’s feet if they walk on it. It also doesn’t hide ticks, fleas, grass seeds and other canine hazards. That means you can let your dogs enjoy your backyard without having to worry about what might be lurking there.

And if that’s not enough, artificial grass doesn’t produce pollen that can trigger reactions from dogs with allergies. It doesn’t have dirt, so it doesn’t form puddles and mud when it gets wet. That means there’s no risk of bacteria breeding in mudholes in your yard. It’s no wonder many dog park owners prefer artificial grass over the real thing.

And finally, dogs love artificial grass! So if you want to make sure your dogs are happy, then artificial grass is definitely something worth considering.

Fun Backyard Ideas for Dogs Using Arizona Artificial Grass

Your dogs are smart and curious. They love to explore, investigate and try new things. If your yard just doesn’t offer the perfect environment for your four-legged friend to do those things, the ideas below can help:

Create an Obstacle Course

Use artificial turf as the base for an obstacle course where you can hide treats or toys under different pieces of turf. Your dog will have fun sniffing out each hidden treasure.

Set Up a Sandpit

Artificial grass won’t satisfy your canine’s digging instinct because it’s dig-proof. Why not set up a sandpit to give your dogs a digging spot? If they get dirt on your turf, all you need to do is hose it off, and your lawn will look as good as new again.

Make a Splashing Pool

You don’t need much water for this one. A small pond or splashing pool will give your dogs plenty of room to splash around and cool off during summer. Install the best artificial turf for dogs in Phoenix to give your dogs a soft resting spot once they’re done having fun in the pool.

Build a Vantage Point

Artificial turf is perfect for building perches where your dog can sit on top and look out over the rest of the yard. Put some stairs on one side so that they can easily climb up there.

Add Doggy Windows to Your Fences

If you don’t want your dogs escaping through the fence, adding doggy windows will let them see what’s happening outside without letting them get out. Install artificial grass below the windows to give them a soft spot to sit on.

Stick to Pet-Friendly Plants

Plants are great for adding color and texture to any space, but some of them are poisonous to dogs. Make sure the plants you choose are pet-friendly before planting them in your backyard. A few good options include dandelion, hibiscus, lavender, rosemary, thyme and yarrow.

Make Doggy Playtimes Safer and More Fun With an Artificial Turf Installation in Phoenix, AZ

We hope you enjoyed this article, and that it inspired you to turn your yard into a haven for you and your dogs. We’d love to hear from you.

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