3 Reasons Why You Should Leave Artificial Turf Installation to the Experts

Posted by Sunburst Landscaping on December 27, 2017
Artificial Turf
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What better way to enhance your property than to have well-maintained lawn? Not only does grass exude freshness that can enliven the atmosphere in your yard, but it also provides a nice place for your kids and pets to play. Unfortunately, lawn care doesn’t come cheap and easy. You have to engage in constant watering, re-seeding, mowing, and fertilizing just to preserve your lawn’s verdure.
Thanks to advances in technology, however, you now have the option to go synthetic. Replacing your natural grass with synthetic grass has a number of interesting benefits. Apart from having grass that does not rot and fade (reducing the need for the regular maintenance), it is also safer for children since it doesn’t invite insects and other types of vermin that leave traces of allergens on the blades and within the piles. There is also no need to use fertilizers, which can pollute your soil in the long run.
professionals to install your artificial turf
While it’s easier to install artificial turf than it is to grow real grass, the installation process is not that simple. Don’t get too excited and tempted to try installing the turf yourself. If you do, chances are the finished product will not be as tightly attached to the ground as it should, causing it to peel off quickly over time. Your best bet is to hire a contractor that specializes in artificial turf in Phoenix, such as Sunburst Landscaping.
Here are some of the obvious signs that you need to let professionals handle the artificial turf installation:

Bad Soil Condition and Feature

There are different types of soil. You’re lucky if the one in your property is soft, easy to dig loam. If its clay, you’ll have to deal with too much moisture, which does not go well with the weed fabric and infill. Rocky soil, on the other hand, will be tough to dig and you’ll have tons of stones to remove to level the soil. Professional installers know just how to handle all kinds of soil and have the right tools to do so efficiently.

Too Wide a Land

Installing artificial grass on a few square feet of land may seem doable without the help of pros, but if you are to install on a sports field or a mini golf course, you will have to discard all DIY ideas. Such a vast surface may require multiple instances of seaming, the most technically demanding part of the installation process. Proper skill is needed to get the job done smoothly.

Need for Speed

If you are looking to install artificial turf on your front or back yard, it is best to be done in summer. You don’t have much luck in winter and spring, as the precipitation may impact the soil quality, and therefore the ability of the layers to be cemented together. Most DIYs, especially when it comes to artificial turf installation on a big land, would take weeks or months to finish. It will take half the time or shorter if it’s carried out by experts.
To ensure the success of your artificial turf installation project, choose a contractor that has been in operation for many years and has experienced handling all kinds of soil, always make sure to get professionals to install your artificial turf. They can surely point you to the right synthetic grass for your land.

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