Raise Your Golf Game by Installing Artificial Grass in Your Backyard

Posted by Sunburst Landscaping on March 6, 2018
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Golf is a popular sport that requires a great deal of skill to thoroughly enjoy. Unfortunately, not everyone has the time to go to a golf course near Phoenix every weekend just to practice their swing or putting skills. This can make it difficult to get good quickly. Fortunately, you can easily get the practice in without leaving home if you decide to invest in artificial grass!

Many golf courses around the world have adopted the use of artificial grass. Thanks to the availability of experienced installation companies like Sunburst Landscaping, even you can have a small putting green or even a driving range set up in your own backyard—provided that you have enough space to accommodate it of course.

If this idea appeals to you, know that you will need to take a few steps to make sure you get the most out of the latest addition to your backyard. Some of these steps include:

Choose a Trusted Installation Company

First off, you’ll need to make sure that you work with a reputable artificial grass installation company. An experienced installer can make sure that the grass is installed properly, helping you avoid drainage issues and the like. Try asking an installation company to show you pictures of their previous work to get a good idea of how good they are at their job. If possible, it’s also a good idea to contact former clients to see how well previous projects have held up over time.

Go for Artificial Grass with a Good Reputation

Artificial grass may be a big cost upfront, but don’t go too cheap. It’s better to choose artificial grass from a manufacturer with a great reputation for quality products. This will help you avoid issues down the road. Fortunately, trusted installation companies can help provide you with suggestions on which brand of artificial grass suits your needs and budget best.

Flatten Your Garden If Necessary

For the most part, it’s important to make sure your backyard is completely level before work starts. This will make the installation process much easier for your installation company, reducing the amount of time they need to set up your putting green. Of course, you also have the option to retain a slight slope if you want a challenge when practicing your putting skills.

Install Cage Net to Practice Your Drive

If you want to practice much more than just your putting skills, you may want to purchase a cage net to create a small driving range in your backyard. You’ll need to purchase a few steel poles and a large cage net to help create the structure and prevent your golf balls from smashing a neighbor’s window if you want to go with this option. Your installation company should be able to direct you to where you can source the necessary materials.

Try a Challenging Design

Lastly, add a bit of challenge to the design of your practice area. A few slopes can easily raise the difficulty level of your putting green and better simulates what you would probably face in an actual golf course. Sit down with your installer and talk about the design you prefer. It may also help to visit a local golf course and study how certain holes are designed to give you a better idea of what you’d like in your backyard.

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