Synthetic Grass in Scottsdale: Why it’s Safer for Your Kids and Pets

Posted by Sunburst Landscaping on August 9, 2017
Synthetic Grass
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A Quiet and Secluded Home Features Artificial Grass on Its Front Yard

More and more people in Scottsdale are choosing to put artificial grass on their lawns. These products are known for their minimal upkeep while making it appear that the lawn is forever well-manicured. Plus, advances in the area have allowed for modern artificial turf to last for years, and even decades.
But more than their aesthetic, maintenance and durability benefits, artificial grass comes with other advantages that you may not know about. For instance, do you know that synthetic turf can actually be safer for your kids and pets? Read on to learn why.
A Quiet and Secluded Home Features Artificial Grass on Its Front Yard

Real grass maintenance comes with a lot of disadvantages to health

The problem with real grass is in the maintenance. To keep real grass healthy, homeowners need to use a variety of chemicals, some of which can impact the health of the household negatively.
For instance, herbicides are necessary to get rid of weeds, but toddlers and infants are at high risk for illnesses from them. The insecticides used to get rid of bugs can be breathed in by children and pets which can have long term and short term effects. Add fungicides, fertilizers, and anti-bacterial sprays to the equation and you get a yard that’s potentially unsafe for everyone in your family.

Artificial grass benefits to safety and well-being

Artificial turf is perfect for kids and pets. It doesn’t contain pesticides and fertilizers, so it’s perfectly safe to play on. The grass doesn’t produce any allergens, so it’s also ideal for kids with allergies. And while divots and holes are common on a natural grass lawn, artificial turf provides a more even terrain, which reduces the chances of your child tripping or falling while playing in the yard.
Do you have a pool in your yard? Then surrounding it with artificial grass can be a wise decision. Unlike natural grass, synthetic turf doesn’t get slippery when wet, so aside from enhancing the aesthetics of your pool environment, it also acts as a safety measure around your pool.

The better yard covering option

No poisons, no allergens, plus reduce risk of injuries–it’s easy to see that artificial grass is a great lawn cover choice for you two and four-legged family members. By installing high quality synthetic grass from Scottsdale suppliers like Sunburst Landscaping, Inc. and practicing common-sense safety measures, you ensure that your backyard is a safe and secure place for both your kids and pets to play on.
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