Turf Up Your Dog Facility with Commercial Landscape Contractors Near Me

Posted by Sunburst Landscaping on July 14, 2021
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If you run a pet day care, you already know how “ruff” dogs can be— especially when there’s several of them in one place! That’s why flooring for dog facilities has to be extra tough. Unfortunately, real grass is too delicate, while hardscape like concrete and brick are not very comfortable for your furry clients either. Instead, talk to commercial landscape contractors near me about upgrading your facility with artificial grass for dogs.

Why Artificial Grass is Perfect for Pet Facilities

Commercial landscaping with artificial turf isn’t just a cosmetic enhancement. It’s one of the best ways to create a safer, cleaner and more beautiful pet facility in general. Here’s what you can expect when you invest in pet synthetic grass:

  • Everything’s Cleaner— the Dogs, Your Staff and Your Establishment!

    Rain can turn a natural lawn into a muddy paradise for dogs— and a nightmare for you and your employees, especially if you have an outdoor space.

    Not only will you have a huge mess on your hands, but everyone gets stuck inside for probably the whole day. After all, mud doesn’t instantly disappear when it stops raining. It usually takes a day or two (IF the sun shines) for the ground to completely dry up.

    Synthetic turf and landscaping contractors can solve this problem completely. Prior to installation, commercial landscaping companies near me will excavate all the soil and replace it with aggregate. No soil means no mud, no matter how hard it pours.

    And speaking of rain, artificial grass has a fantastic drainage system, so it dries out so much faster than real grass. That means less clean-up, more time for the dogs to have fun outside!

  • Prevent Dogs from Coming Home with Fleas and Ticks

    A flea and tick outbreak are the last thing you want when you run any type of dog facility. It’s a health hazard for dogs and a sure way to lose clients.

    Unfortunately, fleas and ticks love natural grass. It’s loaded with food, hiding spots and breeding areas. As long as you have real grass on your premises, your furry clientele will never be safe from these pests.

    The best way to eradicate fleas and ticks from the area is with synthetic turf. It’s totally uninhabitable not just for these insects, but for most pests like mosquitoes, grubs and worms as well.

  • Boost the Curb Appeal of Your Pet Business

    Lush and green artificial grass can add a ton of curb appeal to your doggie business. Whether you use it on your facility’s front lawn, around your parking lot or through your walkways, synthetic turf will always look beautiful and well-kept no matter the season.

    On top of that, you can execute lots of creative, dog-related designs with synthetic turf such as:

    • A turf-covered dog statue
    • Paw-shaped pathways
    • Hedge designs in the shape of puppies
    • Your business logo made of green artificial grass
    • A picture wall covered with turf where your clients and their pets can take photos
    • An “invisible” dog house covered with synthetic grass

    It’s much easier to get creative with turf, because you won’t have to wait for it to grow or maintain the designs in any way. Just share your dog friendly backyard landscaping ideas with commercial landscape contractors near me and watch them work their magic.

  • Most Importantly— Dogs Go Crazy for Artificial Grass!

    Perhaps the biggest advantage of pet turf is that dogs absolutely love it! High-quality synthetic grass feels and looks exactly like the real thing. It’s soft, fluffy and perfect for running, napping, rolling around in and playing with other pups all day long!

Get Started with the Best Artificial Grass in Phoenix, AZ!

Commercial synthetic turf has so many more advantages for pet businesses. For instance, it’s hypoallergenic, dig-proof and lasts a very long time. It will also reduce your lawn maintenance costs dramatically. In fact, check out how easy it is to clean dog pee off artificial turf!

In short, it’s the best option for:

  • Dog daycares
  • Pet boarding facilities
  • Veterinary offices
  • Pet-friendly hotels, restaurants and venues
  • Dog training centers
  • Grooming establishments
  • Etc.

For inquiries about our pet landscaping service, call Sunburst Landscaping at 623-412-2200 or send us a message about what you have in mind.

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