Learn All the Ways Artificial Grass Makes Life Better

Posted by Sunburst Landscaping on November 30, 2016
Artificial Grass
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More people than ever are investing in artificial turf for their homes and businesses alike. Artificial turf is ideal for homeowners who don’t want to worry about the upkeep that a normal lawn requires. The fact is, upon installation, artificial turf requires minimal maintenance and attention in order to thrive. Artificial turf offers a variety of advantages that can make your life better, easier and allow you to enjoy your yard more than ever.
Learn all the ways that artificial grass can make your life better, starting today!

Less Chores, More Play

Artificial grass is the perfect answer to eliminating yard chores. Having artificial turf allows you eliminate chores such as mowing, sprinkler maintenance, weed eating and weed control, pest and insect control, watering, re-seeding, and fertilization. Normal lawn upkeep can also add up when you have to replenish gas, weed eater string, and fertilizer throughout the year. Artificial turf allows you to save that money. Your life will be better because you’ll find that you have more time to enjoy your yard instead of work in it.

Lower Water Bills

Another advantage of having artificial grass is the amount of water you are able to conserve. Artificial turf has the ability to thrive without having to constantly be watered. In 2010, the Synthetic Turf Council estimated that artificial surfaces contributed in conserving 4 to 8 billion gallons of water for both homes and businesses. When you have artificial turf, the amount of outdoor water usage you’ll be conserving will definitely lower your monthly water bill. You’ll not only be helping conserve our most precious resource, you’ll also be saving up for a rainy day.

Cleaner House

Artificial turf is less messy. It’s clean and pristine and ready for any foot traffic that comes its way. Turf has optimal draining capabilities, so mud puddles and muddy paws and shoes are no longer a worry. Your life will be better and easier because you won’t be spending hours cleaning dirt off the floor. Kick back and relax because your yard will be absorbing that work for you.

Safer for Kids

Artificial turf is perfect for kids. It’s extremely durable and is not overridden with pesticides and fertilizers. It’s also great for kids that have allergies, as artificial turf does not produce any pollen. Your kids will also be safer because artificial turf provides an even terrain, therefore kids will be able to run and play without worrying about falling in divots or holes. Learn more about how artificial turf makes playground safer!

Curb Appeal

Homeowners take pride in their yards. You may even live in a neighborhood with an HOA that is very strict about the appearance of your yard. The great thing about artificial turf is that, upon installation, it’s manicured and pristine. Other than spraying off your turf from time to time, it’s basically ready to go all year long. Having a good-looking yard, with little work, would make anyone feel better!
You also take pride in the look of a yard when you’re either looking to buy or sell a home. In reality, curb appeal is 85% of what a potential buyer is going to see when they first view a property. You increase the chances of your home selling faster and selling for more when you have artificial turf. Learn more about how artificial turf will improve your curb appeal.

Great for Pets

Artificial grass is convenient for pets and their owners. Its optimal drainage and odor resistant features allow you to never worry about wet spots or odors. It’s also great for pets because it’s incredibly durable and therefore cannot be chewed and destroyed. Plus your life will be better because you won’t have to worry about muddy paws and prints everywhere, as mud puddles don’t accumulate on turf!

Explore Your Creativity

Artificial turf allows you to think outside the box and explore your unique interests. You can install artificial grass in any space you can imagine. Add it to your porch, roof, balcony or patio. Or go crazy and design your own unique artificial putting green. You can even design your putting green to have professional golf course features! Artificial turf can allow your yard to become a conversation piece or just make outdoor parties more fun!
Artificial turf offers a multitude of benefits for investors. Whether you’re a homeowner who wants to eliminate outdoor chores or you’re a recreational golfer who wants their own putting green – artificial grass can make your life better. Life is hard enough and artificial turf works for you to make easier. It’s working to eliminate some of the added stress that is normally associated with lawn care. The goal is for you to enjoy your yard instead of having it become one more think you HAVE to do on your list.

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