8 Innovative Playground Ideas Using Artificial Grass for Commercial Landscape in Phoenix, AZ

Posted by Sunburst Landscaping on May 16, 2023
Artificial Turf
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Artificial grass comes in different colors, textures, and pile heights. So feel free to get creative with how you integrate it into your commercial landscape in Phoenix, AZ. Don’t have a design in mind to spruce up your playground? Consider these creative ideas:

1. Themed Play Zones

Designate specific areas within your playground for different activities or age groups by creating themed play zones. Use artificial grass to make the setups more immersive. For example, you can get blue turf for pirate ships and pink grass for a fairyland. 

2. Sensory Pathways

Design a “textured walk” using different lengths and textures of artificial grass to create a tactile pathway, encouraging children to explore and engage with their senses. You can also opt for colorful turf to provide an exciting visual experience.

3. Custom Inlays and Logos

Elevate your playground’s branding by incorporating custom inlays or logos made from commercial artificial turf in Phoenix, AZ. These eye-catching designs can be crafted to reflect your playground’s theme or showcase your company’s logo in a fun way.

4. Sports Areas

Incorporate sports areas into your playground by using synthetic grass to create mini soccer fields, basketball courts, or putting greens. These zones can help kids learn more about those sports and encourage teamwork. 

5. Interactive Games

Use artificial grass to create hopscotch grids, mazes, or tic-tac-toe boards, offering children engaging and educational play experiences. If you have the space to spare, you can create a giant board game, like Chess or Snakes and Ladders.

6. Water Play Areas

Combine slip-resistant artificial grass with splash pads or water play features to create a refreshing, fun area for children to cool down during hot summer days. Commercial landscape contractors near me can even ensure the turf goes well with your water features.

7. Inclusive Play Spaces

Design your playground to be inclusive and accessible for children of all abilities. Incorporate ramps, wheelchair-accessible swings, and sensory play elements alongside artificial grass, creating a welcoming environment for everyone.

8. Picnic Areas

Designate picnic areas within your playground using artificial grass, offering families a comfortable and clean space to relax, socialize, and enjoy a meal. It’s easy to clean the turf afterward, so you don’t have to worry about ants and other bug problems in picnic spots.

Why Install Artificial Grass?

Real grass can’t match the versatility and custom options of synthetic grass for any commercial landscape in Phoenix, AZ. It also can’t offer the following benefits, which are crucial in play spaces:

  • A soft, cushioned, slip-resistant surface that reduces the risk of injuries
  • Excellent drainage that keeps playgrounds dry and usable even after heavy rainfall
  • Long-lasting turf that can withstand heavy foot traffic and rigorous play activities
  • Allergen-free grass, so it’s safe for kids with allergies and respiratory conditions
  • A consistently clean and mud-free groundcover

Moreover, synthetic grass is better than common playground surfaces.

Level Up Your Commercial Playground! 

Make the most of synthetic turf’s design possibilities with Sunburst Landscaping. Whether you want to create immersive play zones or set up exciting sports areas, we can make your playground vision a reality with our durable, child-friendly artificial grass products. 

Send us a message online or call us now at 623-412-2200, and let’s talk about your playground!