Artificial Grass Installation for Phoenix Putting Greens: Stop Believing These 4 Myths!

Posted by Sunburst Landscaping on April 9, 2021
Artificial Grass
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Few places in the US are more obsessed with golf than the Grand Canyon State. According to the Arizona Office of Tourism, our state hosts about 12 million rounds of golf every year! We also host tons of major golf tournaments, such as The President’s Cup, the PGA OHL Classic, and the European Tour.

If you’re one of the many passionate golfers who live here, you may be considering artificial grass installation for your Phoenix putting green.

One, that’s a fantastic idea! Two, you’re probably doing your research to find quality products already. If you are, it’s natural to have concerns, especially if you’ve encountered a few of the following misconceptions. Let’s put them to rest!

Four Artificial Putting Green Myths That Are Untrue

Synthetic turf didn’t start out as the amazing grass alternative it is today. It looked like fake grass and felt like scratchy plastic. No one could’ve predicted it would become the perfect putting green surface in just a few years.

Even so, there are still a few stubborn myths clinging to artificial putting greens. Here’s the truth behind artificial grass installation in Phoenix:

● Myth 1: They’re only good for putting.

They may be called a “putting green,” but that’s just the beginning of the skills you can practice on artificial turf.

First, you can also use synthetic grass to develop your chipping skills. Next, practice escaping sand traps or perfect your fringe shots. Installers can also add slopes and undulations that mimic those in actual fairways. Practicing on a putting green is the same as practicing on the golf course, as long as it’s installed by experts using the right kind of turf.

● Myth 2: You can’t add features to personalize your putting green.

This is only true if you’re getting those DIY putting greens that come in cookie-cutter designs. But when you’re investing in artificial grass installation, there’s virtually no limit to the possible designs.

Aside from the slopes and sand traps we mentioned above, you can also add multiple holes. If you have enough space, why not include a bunker, a tee box and water obstacles? If you’d like, you can also have a putting green that allows for full pitch shots, putts that break in both directions and other techniques.

● Myth 3: Backyard putting greens are only good for casual golfers.

Sure, if you consider players like Vijay Singh and Mark O’Meara “casual” golfers. Many professional, PGA-level players have invested in their own backyard putting greens. It allows them to stay sharp in between tours and in the comfort of their home. No matter your skill level, putting green is a terrific addition to your artificial lawn.

● Myth 4: Artificial greens look and feel fake.

Unlike cheap, ready-made DIY greens, the best Arizona artificial grass is unbelievably lifelike. That goes for both a synthetic grass lawn and an artificial putting green.

The key here is to make sure every layer is perfect. Specifically, what to put under artificial grass is as important as putting green surface.

For instance, the pros know when to install a weed barrier when you’re having a lawn installed and when to skip a weed membrane. They know how to choose the base material and whether sharp sand, crushed rock or decomposed granite is the right option.

In addition, issues like uneven surfaces also contribute to fake-looking turf. That’s why experts use a plate compactor and other special equipment to make turf installations as realistic as possible.

Because of this, high-quality putting green installations look and feel like an actual golf course. In fact, you’ll have to take a closer look to tell them apart. And even then, many people are still unable to tell the difference!

Sunburst Landscaping: The Best Putting Greens in Phoenix AZ

When you’re playing the best sport on the planet, nothing but the best will do. And when it comes to artificial putting greens, that means Sunburst Landscaping. Our synthetic putting greens are on display in many residential and commercial artificial lawns in Phoenix and we can’t wait to help you build yours!

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