Artificial Grass Installation in Phoenix: Why It’s the Best Choice for Dogs and Their Humans (+4 FAQs!)

Posted by Sunburst Landscaping on October 4, 2021
Artificial GrassArtificial Turf for Dogs
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As a dog owner, you love your furbaby and want the best for them. Part of this is giving them a safe and healthy outdoor environment. Because of this, artificial grass installation in Phoenix AZ is becoming more and more popular as a pet friendly alternative to natural grass.

Sadly, natural grass is not always the best choice for both you and your dog. For one, it hides a ton of health hazards for your pet (e.g. pesticides, pests like fleas and ticks and toxic weeds).

Additionally, it’s nearly impossible to keep a grass lawn pristine when you have a dog at home. Specifically, natural canine behaviors like digging, running, playing and going potty can quickly turn your yard into a muddy mess!

Keep reading and learn what makes Arizona artificial grass such a wonderful option for your pet, your family and your home.

What Are Some Benefits of Synthetic Turf for Dogs?

A synthetic lawn is both a safe and healthy alternative to natural grass. Not only will your dog be much happier with their artificial turf, but you’ll find that it’s also much more simple to care for. Here are some top reasons why:

1. Dogs Can’t Dig Them Up

Dogs are notorious diggers when it comes to grass. Whether they’re simply checking out that weird-smelling ant hill or trying to create their own escape path, the only thing your dog will end up doing with artificial turf is rolling around, napping and playing on it!

2. No Weeds, Pests or Diseases

Because natural grass is grown outdoors, it is susceptible to all sorts of weeds, pests and diseases. Your dog may find some of these things to be incredibly tasty (especially bugs!) and if they eat any of them on a regular basis, it could cause serious health problems for them down the road.

3. No Pesticides or Toxic Chemicals

Natural grass requires chemical treatments to remain healthy, beautiful and free of weeds. This means that your dog is always licking their paws after they’ve been on the lawn.

If you’re not using organic methods for maintaining your yard, then your dog could be dealing with harmful pesticides or other chemicals. Do note that even organic methods like cocoa mulch can be toxic to dogs, too.

4. Extremely Low Maintenance

Taking care of a synthetic lawn on your own is actually quite easy once you get used to it. Your dog will always try their best to help out, but they’ll quickly find that there’s not much for them to do with artificial turf.

There’s simply no need for mowing, watering or fertilizing an artificial lawn when compared with natural grass. All you have to do is rinse after your dog goes potty and enjoy the fact that it looks great with no effort on your part!


4 Quick FAQs about the Best Artificial Turf for Dogs in Phoenix


1. What is synthetic turf?

Synthetic turf is a man-made surface made to look like real grass. It’s made from polyethylene or polypropylene fibers that are tufted then woven together. You can substitute synthetic grass almost anywhere you’d usually use real grass, plus more unique applications like grassy roof decks, as wall cover and more.

2. Is Artificial turf safe?

Yes, both humans and pets can safely play on it. It’s non-toxic, lead free, rot proof and UV stabilized. The fibers made to look like grass also resist staining which makes keeping them clean simple. There are no allergens and it requires no water, fertilizer, mowing or trimming.

3. How long will my synthetic turf last?

The highest-quality synthetic turf can last anywhere from 8-20 years.

4. Is Artificial turf difficult to install?

For professionals like Sunburst Landscaping, no. Our team can finish simple installations in as short as one day and the timeline goes up depending on how complex the project is.

Learn More about Dog-Friendly Artificial Grass Installation in Phoenix!

As pet lovers ourselves, we know how important it is to give your pooch a safe and comfortable place to play— without sacrificing your dream lawn in the process.

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