Commercial Landscaping Companies Near Me List Items that Can Damage Artificial Grass in Common Areas

Posted by Sunburst Landscaping on January 28, 2021
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Synthetic turf is a great source of savings for apartment complexes. It cuts down on overhead and maintenance costs. In general, it can also yield a return on investment in as early as 1 and 5 years.

Additionally, it’s gorgeous and makes the common areas look neat and well-kept. Best of all, it keeps residents happy and attracts new tenants at the same time.

Want to keep your common area flawless? Commercial landscaping companies near me warn against damage from these four items.

4 Objects That Can Damage Synthetic Turf Commercial Landscaping

Make no mistake— synthetic grass is tough. It’s ideal for demanding areas like dog facilities, schools, athletic stadiums and more.

No matter how durable it is, however, it is not bulletproof. Keep these objects away from your common areas:

1. Cigarette Butts

Synthetic turf is made of a fire-resistant or retardant material. Hence, it won’t catch fire and spread. But this feature doesn’t make it completely safe from heat damage.

For instance, leaving something hot on its surface for a long time can melt the fibers. As a result, this means that carelessly thrown cigarette butt s in public spaces are a hazard. They’re small enough to be unnoticeable. By the time someone sees and picks them up, it might already be too late.

To prevent this from happening to your commercial landscape in Phoenix, AZ, provide waste bins and ashtrays. Finally, install clear signage to show people where they can throw their cigarette butts responsibly .

2. Food Packaging Waste

Everything from coffee cups to candy wrappers can affect your artificial grass negatively.

For instance, leftover drinks and sauces can spill and soak into the backing. Food particles can get stuck between the blades and rot there.

Prevent this by providing visible wastebaskets near the common area. Schedule regular rinsing and brushing as well. This way, you can stay on top of food waste and residue that you may have overlooked.

3. Pet Fur

Everyone loves watching dogs play and pet-friendly apartments can fetch a premium price. However, before letting the dogs loose in your common area, talk to commercial landscaping companies near me first.

Pet fur forms into clumps when wet. These can clog the drainage system and cause severe problems like puddling and algae growth.

The quality of your synthetic grass depends on the condition of the drainage system. Therefore, you should prevent fur clumping by cleaning your lawn regularly using a power broom or vacuum.

4. Tables and Chairs with Sharp Legs

Alfresco and patio dining spaces are a fantastic way to enrich life in your apartment complex. With synthetic turf, maintaining the area is also cheaper and more convenient.

However, before converting any outdoor space, make sure you have the right dining sets to furnish it. The wrong furniture can scrape, tear and flatten the fibers of artificial grass.

Prevent this by choosing sets with smooth-bottomed legs. Alternatively, you can add rubber pads to existing chairs and tables. Talk to commercial landscape contractors near me about adding paving to your installation, as well.

Learn More About Artificial Grass for Commercial Landscaping Use

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