Fuss-Free Fun: Kid-Friendly Arizona Artificial Grass Ideas for Pool Safety

Posted by Sunburst Landscaping on September 18, 2023
Artificial Grass
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Tired of dull decks draining family fun by the pool? Get creative with your pool surround using Arizona artificial grass. Expert installers can customize it to fit any poolscape, and that includes kid-friendly pool havens. From sensory sandboxes to mini-golf and beyond, here are six creative poolside ideas that will make poolside play times more fun for your kids:

1. Create a Soft Play Zone

Cushioned turf makes falling risk-free while running, jumping, or roughhousing. Feel free to place poolside play structures and slides on it to give your kids a soft surface underfoot.

Design an open play area adjacent to the pool with curved turf edges for rolling down. You can include interactive learning panels exploring numbers, letters, and shapes. For smaller kids, add large building blocks, textured panels, and tunnels to the setup. Waterproof bounce pads and colorful balls are also a great idea.

2. Install Near the Water’s Edge

Artificial grass stops slipping hazards and extends secure play past a pool’s boundary via a plush, foot-friendly surface. Unlike tiles, wood, and natural grass, it doesn’t get slippery when it’s wet.

Place grass 1-3 feet past the pool to create a clear safe zone. Designate sections for different activities, and include a shaded picnic table and seating with water toys like buckets, boats, and fish. For sensory learning, add splash pads and a water table filled with safe instruments and containers.

3. Build a Sandbox or Garden

Arizona artificial grass helps keep a poolside sandbox neat by preventing sand from getting everywhere. Kids cultivate imaginary miniature habitats or build castles for hours while sitting on the soft, durable groundcover.

Add pebble or shell accents to the sandbox for fun beach vibes. Rotate beach buckets, rakes, and molds for endless sand adventures.

4. Landscape a Picnic Area

Families can dine alfresco on synthetic grass as comfy as a quilt, perfect for snacks, games, and reading time with kids. Its spill-proof coverage allows fun food near the pool versus a distant, high-maintenance natural lawn.

Place activity boards, hoops, and balls within easy reach in the poolside picnic area. Install string lights overhead for ambiance and safety after dark. You can also design curved borders and planting beds to visually define spaces on the synthetic turf.

5. Add a Putting Green

A mini golf course can occupy children of all ages safely. When combined with other synthetic play gyms, an artificial putting green can maximize active entertainment while adults enjoy the pool.

You can add sand traps, water features, and rolling hills to your kid-friendly putting green for fun. Install scoring mirrors and cups on elevated turf mounds beyond the green.

6. Landscape a Garden Maze

Hide-and-seek, tag, and chase encourage vigorous poolside fun, and they’re more exciting within a maze. If you have plenty of poolside space, consider creating a maze with artificial grass.

Design a compact turf maze inset with tall hedges of Arizona artificial grass. Place different prizes at the center and other locations to challenge your kids.

Make Poolside Play Times More Fun!

Unlike natural lawns that demand upkeep, compromising family pool time, artificial grass thrives on high-energy poolside adventures.

Take advantage of its safety benefits with Sunburst Landscaping. Whether you have a clear poolside design in mind or are open to expert landscaping, our team can help you out.

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