Win Against Weeds with the Best Artificial Turf for Dogs in Phoenix

Posted by Sunburst Landscaping on January 10, 2022
Artificial Grass
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Weeds – you know you want them gone. But you don’t want toxic weed killers all over your lawn and you don’t want to waste money on landscapers to keep them at bay. Besides, that’s all they can do anyway: provide a temporary solution to an endless battle. As long as you have soil and a natural lawn, you’ll have a weed problem on your hands. Always and guaranteed. But there’s a far simpler and more effective solution: the best artificial turf for pets in Phoenix.

Synthetic turf offers a permanent way to control weeds and stop them from coming back. Most importantly, they’re safe for your beloved pets, too.

Artificial Grass FAQ – Where do weeds come from?

Weed seeds are constantly blowing into your lawn from other yards and the general environment. With natural turf, these weed seeds constantly find something to grow in. Natural soil is moist and rich, perfect for allowing weeds to thrive because it provides nutrients they need to survive.

Why is it so hard to get rid of weeds?

Weeds are persistent. They’re plants that you have to get rid of quickly or you’ll find they keep returning. You can remove them with chemical weed killers, but you still have the problem of how to keep your lawn free from weeds in the future. 

And you risk killing your natural grass when you spray chemicals around it – also not good for you, your kids and pets who play on it all the time.

Are weeds dangerous?

They can be. For example, poison hemlock, oleander, pokeberry and foxglove are known to be incredibly toxic. Others are almost impossible to root out, such as dandelions. And almost all of them can turn a well-manicured lawn into an overgrown eyesore.

In addition, weeds can also trigger allergens. You could suffer from allergic reactions if you’re exposed to sap, pollen, dust, molds and other materials found in weeds like ragweed.

Finally, most weeds can be harmful to your pets. Dogs can accidentally eat toxic plants or the sharp burrs can get caught in their fur or enter their eyes, mouth and nose. And like humans, dogs can be allergic to weeds, too.

Arizona Artificial Grass is the Ultimate Solution to Weeds

The most effective way to get rid of weeds is artificial grass. The best artificial turf for dogs in Phoenix has several weed-fighting features in place:

  • A soil-free environment
  • Special weed membrane
  • Inorganic material means no nutrients to feed weeds
  • Drainage system deprives weeds of water they need to grow

In case some weeds do grow through the turf backing, they’ll be few and far between. They’re also much easier to pull out, because you won’t have to dig through soil or scrape against grass to reach their roots.

Take note: all of these benefits apply to all synthetic turf applications, including a backyard, dog run, playground or an artificial putting green in Phoenix.

Need Help Getting Rid of Weeds on Your Lawn?

You deserve every homeowner’s dream: a low-maintenance, weed-free lawn you don’t have to fertilize or mow every week. Best of all, you have a lush green space you can enjoy with your friends, family and pets all year long.

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