5 Signs It’s Time to Install New Artificial Grass

Posted by Sunburst Landscaping on February 10, 2019
Artificial Grass
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5 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Artificial Grass

Watering lawns and outdoor landscape comes out to almost one-third of all residential water use in the US. That equals over 7 billion gallons per day across the country. Having an artificial lawn reduces your water usage drastically. That is one of the many reasons why homeowners choose to install synthetic grass in their yards. Yet, after 10 or 15 years, it may be time to install new artificial grass. Read on for five signs that you need new artificial turf.
is it time to install new artificial grass

1. Damage

Synthetic grass is designed to last for up to 20 years.
Though artificial grass is sturdy, it is subject to stains and burns. A bonfire gone wrong in your backyard can lead to charred, melted artificial turf.
If several parts of your turf become damaged, you should consider replacing the entire lawn. Trying to match the shade of the existing grass and hiding the seams can be time-consuming.
It may be more cost-effective to replace the artificial grass.

2. Faded Color

Without a doubt, one of the best features of artificial grass is the vibrant color that you can enjoy all year long.
Most synthetic grass has a built-in UV blocker that works to resist the grass fading due to the sunlight even in extremely sunny areas.
But, after 10 or 15 years, the turf color will begin to fade. When your artificial grass looks tired, wilted or fades to a grey-green shade, it’s time to get new artificial grass.

3. Loose Inlays and Seams

When the artificial grass fibers are worn out, they will no longer hold the infill in place. One of the biggest signs that it is time to replace your fake grass is when the glue is no longer holding the seams and inlays in place.
This is a safety hazard as loose inlays and seams can cause people to trip and fall.
Replace your artificial turf to make your lawn safe and beautiful once more.

4. Stains, Mold, or Pet Smells

Unlike organic grass, artificial turf doesn’t have microbes that break down organic matter. So when dust, dirt, hair, bird droppings, and leaves fall on your artificial grass, they stay there.
Cleaning your artificial grass regularly will extend the life of your fake grass. But at some point your lawn may develop stains, mold or pet urine smells that won’t come out.
Dogs love backyards with artificial turf. And so do their owners. No more muddy paws and big holes.
But if your artificial grass wasn’t installed with pets in mind, it may not be resistant to pet odors and discoloration.
Make sure you look into artificial grass that is designed for pets for your next turf.

5. Before Selling Your Property

When you list your home on the market, you’ll want to make sure the home looks good from the inside and outside.
You want your low maintenance lawn to be a selling feature. Take a close look at your synthetic grass. Do you think it has at least another five years of looking new?
If not, it makes sense to replace it before you list your home. Replacing your artificial grass will make your property more appealing to home buyers.

Final Thoughts on New Artificial Grass

Thanks for reading. We hope these 5 signs it’s time to install new synthetic grass will help you recognize when it’s time to make a change to your lawn.
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