10 Things You No Longer Need After Installing Artificial Turf

Posted by Sunburst Landscaping on July 7, 2016
Artificial Grass
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When you make that decision to install artificial turf, you won’t believe the amount of things you can eliminate. For homeowners with normal sod lawns, tools and equipment needed for maintenance can rack up. Yard work is not an effortless task; especially for those who prefer a lush and functioning yard. Most people dream about having a yard that basically maintains itself yet is still aesthetically pleasing. When you install artificial turf, you’ll save time, money, sweat and effort and still get to the ultimate goal of having your dream yard. With the initial investment of artificial turf, you will come to the realization that you’ve just given yourself more time to actually enjoy your yard.
Put your worries aside, because below you’ll find 10 things that you’ll no longer need once you install artificial turf…
1. Lawn Mower
One of the big purchases most homeowners have to make once they buy a house with a yard is a dependable mower. One of the biggest selling points for artificial turf installation is that you eliminate the need to ever buy a mower, as well as, the chore of mowing your yard. Whether you’re used to walking or riding, once you install artificial turf you won’t ever have to do either again. Turf surfaces don’t need to be mowed to look pristine and plush. So put your mower up for sale, as you’ll never need to cut a blade of grass again.
2. Equipment Maintenance
For homeowners that own a mower, weed eater or edger, you know that with that equipment also comes maintenance fees. A mower, for example, is one piece of equipment that needs gas, oil, blades, etc. Once the gas runs low it has to be replenished. Once the blades dull, they have to be replaced. Once you install artificial turf you’ll never need to worry about mowing or weed eating or any other equipment based maintenance because it simply doesn’t require it.
3. Ant Killer
Fire ants can multiply faster than you can even think about killing them. Mounds pop up in the blink of an eye and some yards are just overrun by ants. Homeowners can spend tireless hours and excessive money buying ant killer, yet never fully fixing the problem. When you install artificial turf, you will no longer need ant killer. Ants will instead look to natural lawns to build their mounds, as turf does not have the foundation or habitual environment that they are prone to.
4. Lawn Care Service
A lot of times people, especially in neighborhoods run by HOAs will hire a lawn care service to do all of their yard work. This is not a free service, so once you install artificial turf you will no longer need a lawn care service, as your yard will basically maintain itself no matter what weather or season. You’ll be saving money because your need to keep up with your neighbors and their pristine lawns will already be met. No mowing, weed eating, edging, raking, weed pulling – and no need to hire anyone to do these things either.
5. Sprinkler System
The luxury of having a sprinkler system requires initial research, installation, upkeep, and maintenance. When you have a normal sod lawn that needs to be watered every day in order to look vibrant and aesthetically pleasing, a sprinkler system is an advantage. When you install artificial turf, you will have to water so infrequently that your need for a sprinkler system will become non-existent.
6. Weed Eating
Most people hate weed eating. It’s a chore where you have to wear long pants to ensure that your legs aren’t eaten up by flying blades. It’s just another step in making your yard look great. However, Artificial turf  doesn’t need you to ever pickup your weed eater again. Upon installation, turf grass is the same height, it stays in the same shape, and it doesn’t grow. You’ll no longer need your weed eating equipment to ensure that your walkways and curbs are seen.
7. Weed Killer
Weeds can overtake any natural sod lawn. You look at your yard one day and you see one and the next day you’ll see a million. Weeds don’t grow in artificial turf, so therefore you’ll never need any weed killer or spray.
8. Seed
Green grass is sometimes hard to come by depending on the geographic location and weather in which your home resides. Homeowners can spend tireless hours and money on buying seed to help make their lawns green and plush. Soil analysis, seeding and the hard work that goes into the process will be a thing of the past when you install artificial turf. Artificial turf gets installed as plush, green grass and it’s there to stay no matter how hot or cold, all year long.
9. Fertilizer
In areas where temperatures are high, fertilizing is essential to keep your lawn in pristine condition. You’ll no longer need to do research on fertilizers, buy fertilizers or spray your fertilizer after you’ve installed artificial turf.
10. Dirt
When you have pets and children, natural lawns often experience a heavy amount of foot traffic. Foot traffic on sod lawns creates divots and uneven foundations, which require dirt. With artificial turf, the most intense of play and foot traffic will not even come close to uprooting your turf and therefore you will no longer have to buy dirt for your yard.
Get rid of all these things you worry about by installing artificial grass. If you still have any questions, then try downloading our 22 questions eBook, which answers the most common questions about artificial turf. Or download our benefits eBook below!

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