How Artificial Grass Installation in Phoenix Withstands Arizona’s Harsh Weather

Posted by Sunburst Landscaping on November 15, 2023
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Let’s be real – Arizona is hard on grass. Between the blazing sun, random dust storms, unpredictable weather and flash floods, natural lawns don’t stand a chance. But that doesn’t mean you have to live with dirt patches or dump tons of time and money into irrigation.

Synthetic grass has come a , long way since the days of scratchy green plastic rugs. Today’s artificial grass installation in Phoenix looks and feels like the real thing, with none of the vulnerabilities thanks to these features:

UV Protection Prevents Sun Damage

You’ve probably noticed how quickly real grass fades and dries out under Arizona’s intense sunlight. Three hundred days a year of sun is no joke! Low-end artificial turf suffers the same fate. 

That’s why the artificial grass we use here at Sunburst Landscaping is infused with advanced UV-inhibitors during manufacturing. This stops the sun from making the blades brittle and breaking down the color. It forms a protective barrier that keeps the turf vibrant green for a decade or more – no matter how  sunny it gets.

Tuft Bind Technology Withstands Wear and Tear

Arizona’s extreme temperature swings cause expansion and contraction that stress turf fibers. Artificial turf’s tough turf binding process prevents this by:

  • Intertwining the fibers where they enter the backing
  • Forming double knots for superior tuft lock
  • Preventing loose or detached blades

This technology maintains the turf’s lush appearance and structural integrity through years of desert exposure and foot traffic.

Modern Infill Prevents Blowouts

All synthetic turfs require infill between the blades for support and resilience. But Arizona’s gusty winds can displace standard sand infill. New infill options solve this issue:

  • Angular, interlocking shapes prevent migration
  • Acrylic coatings further increase stability 
  • Advanced materials like porous ceramic also deter overheating

Professional Installation Maximizes Durability

Even the highest-quality artificial grass requires proper installation for maximum longevity. For instance, meticulous base preparation, drainage considerations, and turf anchoring are musts. 

Sunburst Landscaping’s experienced crews utilize specialized tools and procedures to securely fasten turf systems in place to withstand years of desert exposure. Finally, a warranty-backed professional installation sets the stage for enduring performance.

Enjoy Artificial Turf Built for the Desert

If you’re tired of constantly re-seeding, irrigating and fretting over real grass, it’s time to consider artificial options. At Sunburst Landscaping, we’re able to install artificial grass for virtually any application – your backyard, front lawn, kids’ play areas, roof decks and patios, and many more.

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