Why It’s Now Time for You to Upgrade Your Lawn with Artificial Grass

Posted by Sunburst Landscaping on January 2, 2018
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Anyone living with natural grass on their lawn can attest to how tedious it can be to maintain. Not to mention the fact that it entails quite a good amount of money just to keep it looking fresh and green. Despite all your efforts, however, they may seem all for naught, especially when the colder season comes.
The green will inevitably turn dry and brown, whether you like it or not. All those money you put into it would have gone down the drain as well. And then you’ll have to do everything again once spring comes around. It’s a vicious cycle and it’s boring holes in your pocket much more than you may actually realize. Break the cycle and instead upgrade your lawn with artificial grass.
Here are some reasons why.


As mentioned above, maintaining a natural lawn is not cheap. You need fertilizers, water supply, and not to mention labor to keep it looking good. Did you know that one lawn maintenance job can cost you at least $180—that’s DIY, by the way, and that’s for an average of 6,000 sq.ft. So if you have a bigger lawn that means you’ll spend bigger, too. Sometimes though, you simply don’t have the time and energy to be hands-on with your lawn maintenance, and so you hire somebody else to do it for you. Again, more expense on the way.
Water costs are no joke either, even for a simple residential property. At the very least, the lawn should receive an inch of water every week, especially during drier conditions. To put that into even more detailed perspective, a regular square or rectangle-shaped lawn will require half a gallon per square foot to meet this water-inch requirement. A basic 10×10 area, therefore, will easily cost you 62 gallons of water. It’s not something that you necessarily notice when you turn on the sprinklers, sure, but your water bill definitely wouldn’t think twice letting you know about it.
With artificial grass, you won’t need to worry about all of that. Sure, you’ll still need water to wash off the dirt and stains from the artificial grass every now and then, but you can rest assured you won’t need tens of gallons of water just to keep it well-maintained. You also won’t need to spend on fertilizers because synthetic grass won’t need them. Overall, you’ll be enjoying a whole lot more savings in your monthly bills, which you can now allot to other priorities in the household.

Green All Year ‘Round

Perhaps the biggest benefit of going synthetic is that you truly can enjoy a green lawn no matter what time of year. No more dry and barren landscaping during harsh winter, no muddy lawns during rainy months. No more weeds to take out and no need to trim the grass. It’s just lush, green perfection all year ‘round. And to think you only had to pay one time for it. Whatever the occasion, therefore, you can be proud of your property being the best maintained among everyone else in the block.
You shouldn’t have to think about it for too much now that you’ve seen the benefits. Companies like Sunburst Landscaping can help you out with this matter so get right to it.


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