Outside In: 7 Ways to Use Indoor Artificial Turf

Posted by Sunburst Landscaping on September 12, 2018
Artificial Grass
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Turf isn’t just for football stadiums anymore. These days, high-quality artificial turf is cropping up at residential homes. More people have added it to their yards as a low-maintenance grass alternative, built outdoor putting greens, or added it to a rooftop patio for the ultimate hangout. But artificial turf is showing up somewhere else unexpected — indoors! Homeowners can increase the appeal and enjoyment of their home using turf in some surprising ways. Bring a touch of the outdoors inside with these creative ways to use indoor artificial turf in your home.

1 – Indoor Exercise Area

Depending on the type of exercising you do indoors, artificial turf might be a great option for your workout area flooring.
Most of us aren’t lucky enough to have indoor tennis courts, but even a small corner in your finished basement could be a mini home gym! Turf added to your floor can provide cushioning to help protect joints if you do a high-impact workout.
It’s also well-suited to some forms of training, like CrossFit, that might generally be done outdoors.

2 – Indoor Putting Green

Keep your putting game strong all year with an indoor putting green!
You don’t need much space to add a small green in your basement or rec room. Assemble the piece using blueprints found online. Then, cover your putting green with indoor artificial turf for the most realistic action and feel.

3 – Rec Room Flooring

Have a playroom or rec room in your home? Consider using artificial turf as the flooring. Turf is softer than hard floors like concrete, making it safer for play.
If you use your rec room for hosting football or other sports viewing parties, artificial turf flooring is the perfect complement to the room’s atmosphere — and it’s also stain-resistant, making post-party cleanup easier.

4 – Unique Home Decor and Accents

Love the lush look that live plants can add to your home but not so much of a green thumb? Look at incorporating touches of indoor turf to your decor!
Barstool seats can be covered in turf. Add it to the interior back panel of bookshelves to add visual interest. A portion of your wall could even be covered to give your home the look of a “living accent.”

5 – Flooring for a Three Season Porch or Sunroom

Artificial turf lends a natural feel to any space, so it’s especially suited for use in rooms like three-season porches or sunrooms.
Add houseplants, string lighting, and cozy furniture. Turn the space into a quiet sanctuary for reading, relaxing, or enjoying your coffee or wine.

6 – Flooring for a Themed Children’s Bedroom

Artificial turf can be used in place of carpet that would normally go in a bedroom, so get creative!
Build a football-themed room for your athletic child with stadium murals on the wall and turf as the flooring. Dream up a forested fairy-land in another room, with twinkling lights, deep green walls, artificial flowers, and turf flooring as the “grass.”

How Else Can You Use Artificial Turf in Your Home?

We hope this list has inspired you to start thinking outside the football stadium. If you’re in the Phoenix area and are looking for interesting or useful ways to use indoor artificial turf in your home, reach out to us today.
We’d love to chat about options, discuss the benefits, and collaborate with you about getting artificial turf installed in your home or yard today!