Keep Your Kids Safe And Clean With Artificial Turf

Posted by Sunburst Landscaping on March 3, 2016
Artificial Grass
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Artificial turf is known for it’s cost efficiency, but now artificial turf is gaining popularity due to it’s ability to keep kids safes and cleaner than if they were to play in grass. Synthetic grass grants an equal opportunity play experience, whether your children have a multitude of allergies or are extremely accident-prone. As more families look to install artificial turf due to drought conditions and water conservation efforts, it’s also important to look at the investment in the light that artificial turf products offer safer, cleaner and less abrasive play than ever before. Below are some benefits of artificial turf that ensure your kids have a safer and cleaner experience, than normal lawn play.
Great Looking, Safer Play
The efforts by parents to make sure kids are able to play safely and suitably are endless. That is one of the many reasons why artificial grass, in particular EasyTurf, playgrounds are becoming the new standard for schools, daycare centers and child-inhibited environments. An EasyTurf playground provides all of the durability of a traditional playground landscape, yet offers a lush, natural looking synthetic grass surface that’s aesthetics appeal to parents and children alike. Find out how to get started with your very own artificial turf playground. With kids imaginations constantly working and tumbles and falls the norm, artificial grass has shock-absorbing infill materials that have improved fall safety and therefore are keeping kids safe from high falls.
Reduction of Allergies
With normal grass based play, there also comes the exposure to pollen and therefore the allergies that result from that exposure. Artificial turf, in comparison, produces no pollen. With a natural grass lawn, pollination can be a problem for children who struggle with allergies and upper respiratory problems. When children play on artificial turf, their normal running, jumping, and rolling around won’t be overshadowed by allergies. The only pollen that would possibly affect the children would only come from possible nearby trees, not the lawn in which they play.
Even Playing Field
In normal lawn based playgrounds, one of the biggest dangers, especially to accident-prone children, is uneven terrain. The uneven terrain may be a result of high foot traffic or eroded land. When artificial turf is used to resurface a playground, dips and grooves in lawns or playgrounds are not a factor. Artificial turf has a constant height and will not wear away or erode due to certain weather.
Easier on Clothing
It’s no secret that children enjoy rolling and tumbling in the grass. They run and fall and get back up and do it all over again. Although fun for the kids, parents are left to deal with getting grass stains and dirt out of clothes. Playgrounds that have been resurfaced with artificial turf contain no chlorophyll to stain clothes and the texture of the synthetic fibers will not damage most types of cloth; resulting in longer lasting clothes and less days spent scrubbing out stains.
Less Mud, More Play!
A real benefit of having artificial turf as your child’s main play area is more of a benefit for parents. With a lush green artificial lawn there’s no sight of mud and dirt. Kids enjoy a cleaner play experience and the worry of mud in the house becomes a distant memory.
The Games Must Go On
With artificial turf, rain and bad weather one minute, does not mean that the game can’t go on once the weather has passed. Kids who live to play and participate in group sports, such as soccer and football, can do so more safely, as turf dries quicker after rains and stands up better to tough usage. Therefore kids can head back out onto the field without the worry of injury due to weather conditions.
Decreases Bacteria Growth
Most brands of artificial turf contain anti-microbial agents that work to fend off any bacteria or virus that attempt to thrive in it. While playgrounds will always encompass a small degree of bacteria, the implementation of artificial turf allows for children’s exposure to be lessened and their playtime more clean and safe.
Every parent dreams of creating an environment where their children are happier and safer and. Most of those dreams start on a playground, in a yard, in a community. With artificial turf, some of the everyday worries of parents with vivacious and energetic kids can diminish. Artificial playgrounds and lawns allow parents to look out and see their child fall without getting a scrape, to see their child play without allergies limiting their range, to see their child run in the house and not leave a trail of the outdoors behind them. The benefits of artificial turf are endless, but providing a safer and cleaner environment for our kids is the most important of all.

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