Pros of Synthetic Turf for Playgrounds: Insights from Commercial Landscaping Companies Near Me

Posted by Sunburst Landscaping on January 17, 2021
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Surfacing options for commercial playgrounds are held to strict safety standards. For instance, they must be able to withstand the weight of playground equipment plus many children playing and running in the area at the same time.

Naturally, playground surfaces should also be non-toxic, durable and easy to clean and maintain, with a tough texture that won’t injure children when they fall.

On top of that, you also need to consider ROI when it comes to commercial playground surfacing. It should be long lasting without frequent need for repairs or replacement. It should also look good – you don’t want your customers to be turned away by a subpar facility.

Not sure which type of surface is best for your commercial playground? Let’s look at the pros and cons of common materials used by commercial landscaping companies near me.

Pros and Cons of Common Playground Surfacing Materials from Commercial Landscaping

  • Natural Grass

    Grass is a traditional option for playgrounds. Seeds and sod are cheap and grass looks fantastic when well-kept. Unfortunately, natural grass also has serious downsides.

    For instance, high investment cost compared to other playground surfaces when you look at the maintenance. You have to buy supplemental equipment, such as sprinkler systems, weed-eaters, riding mowers, shears, rakes and other tools to maintain it correctly without damaging the blades.

    Adding the employees who’ll be doing all that maintenance and upkeep can cost a fortune especially for larger commercial playgrounds.

    Grass also has a negative environmental impact because you have to water it constantly (and even more during the summer and droughts), plus you need all sorts of chemicals like fertilizers and pesticides for weed and pest control.

    Lastly, natural grass is also not the safest choice for areas that kids will use. It’s extremely slippery when wet and can trigger allergens. Dirt and mud carry a lot of bacteria. The chemicals used to treat grass are also toxic to humans and pets.

  • Gravel

    Gravel surfaces are fairly inexpensive, but you may have to invest in tractor work on your property where you’ll put gravel down. You also need to compact it fairly well for safety purposes. Even then, normal playground activity like running can displace gravel and turn it into a hazard.

  • Wood Chips

    Wood chips give playgrounds a rustic and all-natural look while being fairly inexpensive. However, you must ensure the ground doesn’t become too wet for too long or else you risk mold or bacteria growing in your play area, not to mention unpleasant smells. Like gravel, wood chips are also easily displaced by both activity and weather.

  • Rubber Mulch

    Rubber mulch absorbs impact better than compacted soil on a natural lawn, making it a viable alternative for commercial playgrounds.

    The downside of rubber mulch is that you’ll need regular power washing to ensure it doesn’t become dirty, which can be expensive if you contract out the service or you do it yourself with high-pressure washers. Some types of rubber mulch also have no UV protection so you have to use other materials on top of it as ground cover. This will increase your costs even more.

    The rubber can also be produced with crude oil or fuel byproducts, so you’ll have to carefully check what type you buy to ensure it’s safe for use. The material also has a tendency to get hot.

  • Concrete

    This surface is both durable and long-lasting. However, it can get very hot and quite unforgiving when it comes to trips and falls. On the upside, it requires very little maintenance and can handle almost any type of activity without getting damaged.

Artificial Grass for Commercial Playgrounds

All the options above have been around long before synthetic turf. However, artificial grass has quickly proven itself to be a terrific choice for commercial playgrounds.

More and more commercial landscaping companies near me are recommending it because of the following reasons:

1. It has a high return on investment.

Artificial turf is among the lowest-maintenance surfaces you can choose for your playground. You don’t have to do any lawn care or landscaping; you don’t need specialized equipment and you’ll save time with clean-up because it doesn’t attract bugs, dirt or bacteria. It also requires no water, chemicals or fertilizers.

2. You won’t have to worry about allergies.

Kids with allergies have a higher risk of asthma attacks when they’re in areas with certain types of environmental elements such as grass. Some kids can’t even go outside in their own backyards or in public parks because they’ll be at a high risk for an attack because of the grass and pollen.

In contrast, commercial artificial turf in Phoenix AZ doesn’t produce allergens, making your facility safer, especially during hay fever season (aka spring).

3. It doesn’t turn into a slip and fall hazard when it rains or gets wet.

Artificial grass is one of the safest surfaces you can choose for commercial playgrounds because you’ll never have to deal with mud, puddles or wet ground. The material will never become slippery, even if you get a significant amount of rainfall because it’s designed to drain all water off its surface and provide excellent traction underfoot.

4. Artificial turf is beautiful and UV-resistant.

Playground artificial grass is designed to resist the elements. It doesn’t fade in sunlight, you don’t have to worry about it becoming discolored or stained and you’ll never get any type of mold or algae buildup on its surface either.

5. The material can handle active play without problems.

Kids are always running, jumping, playing chase games and you won’t have to worry about them damaging your artificial turf when they’re using it for recreation because the material is intended for this type of activity.

6. It cushions impact and reduces the risk of injuries.

Finally, playgrounds with artificial turf tend to be safer because you don’t have sharp or jagged surfaces. You can also invest in foam padding to boost the safety you offer your guests.

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