Why Arizona Businesses Are Making the Switch to Artificial Grass

Posted by Sunburst Landscaping on November 21, 2023
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Here at Sunburst Landscaping, we count how many times we’ve had business owners call us up, frustrated because no matter what they do, their grass is looking more dirt than green. Or it’s full of weeds and bald spots. Or their lawn has completely died out over the summer. Again!

As business owners ourselves, we get it. You’ve got a million other things demanding your attention each day – staff, customers, your actual business. The last thing you need is to waste time and money trying to keep temperamental real grass alive.

That’s why we always recommend artificial turf for commercial spaces like restaurants, office complexes, recreation areas, etc.

Here are some of the benefits of synthetic turf

It Looks Fresh 24/7/365

Real grass turns brown and dormant when it’s hot. Without constant watering, it’ll wilt and die. But not the artificial stuff! Synthetic blades are green in any weather, year-round. No water or fertilizer required. 

Zero Mowing or Maintenance

You know what our commercial clients don’t miss from the days of caring for real grass? Mowing and trimming. Hours spent sweating under that blazing sun, inhaling gas fumes and getting covered in grass clippings. No thank you! Artificial turf never needs cutting so you can kiss that chore goodbye.

Built for Heavy Traffic

Ever notice how grass gets trampled down into mud where people walk? Not pretty. Artificial grass blades bounce right back and keep their cushioning even after a stampede. Great for high-traffic areas like lounge spaces, playgrounds, and sports fields.

Withstands Ruff Play

Dogs and real grass aren’t the best match, especially when urine is involved. But synthetic turf stands up to ol’ Fido’s bathroom breaks and roughhousing. No more yellow spots or torn up soil. 

Perfect for Hard-to-Grow Spots

You know those tricky areas where grass never seems to take – under trees, on slopes, in shade or wind? Artificial turf thrives anywhere real grass struggles. No more wasting time and seed trying to get those patches to fill in.

Cost Savings Add Up

We know what you’re thinking – artificial grass seems expensive upfront. But when you factor in the money saved on water, mowing services, fertilizer, etc – it pays for itself pretty quick. Just wait until you see your future water bills!

Thinking of Making the Switch to Artificial Turf?

If we’ve convinced you that artificial turf is the hassle-free, budget-friendly choice for your business, awesome! Contact us anytime to set up a free quote and site visit. We’d be happy to walk you through your options and find the perfect synthetic grass solution for your property.

And if you’ve still got some reservations or questions, no worries! Reach out and we’ll be glad to address any concerns you might have. We want you to feel 100% confident in how artificial grass can transform your landscape.

Looking forward to talking turf with you soon!