Is Artificial Grass Worth It With Dogs?

Posted by Sunburst Landscaping on February 12, 2024
Artificial Turf for Dogs
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Why Dog Owners Are Choosing Artificial Over Real Grass - sunburst landscaping 1

Yes, artificial grass is definitely worth it with dogs. Many Phoenix dog owners already know the struggle of maintaining a natural lawn when you have furbabies running around. Stepping on pee puddles, looking out on unsightly burnt grass, muddy paws and floors, holes in the ground – it never ends.

Artificial turf for dogs offers a wonderful middle ground. You get the evergreen lawn of your dreams with very little maintenance, while your best bud gets to frolic and play outdoors with no problem. 

Still, we know that going from real grass to synthetic can be a big leap. To help you make your decision, we answer some FAQs below.

Is Artificial Grass Safe for Dogs?

The most common concern dog owners have is whether artificial grass contains any harmful chemicals or materials. The good news is that high-quality artificial turf from reputable manufacturers is completely non-toxic and safe for dogs. The grass blades are constructed from polyethylene or nylon that will not leach any dangerous substances.

Our pet-friendly artificial grass products also utilize an infill system designed specifically for pets. This infill cushions paws, absorbs urine, and prevents odors. It does not contain any pesticides, herbicides, or other toxic chemicals like real grass often does. Rest assured your dog can play and lounge on our artificial lawns without risk from toxins or allergens.

Will Dogs Try to Dig Through Synthetic Grass?

Many dogs love to dig – but this damaging behavior won’t fly with artificial turf. Our artificial grass products feature a durable backing that prevents your dog from digging down to dirt and ripping up the lawn. Their paws will remain safely on top of the lush artificial blades no matter how much they try to scratch or dig.

The infill system used in our artificial grass also rebuffs digging attempts. It quickly fills in any disturbed areas. Your dog may try to dig at first out of instinct, but will soon learn their efforts are fruitless. The turf remains smooth and intact no matter how much they paw at it.

How Do Dogs React to Artificial Grass?

Dogs respond very positively to high-quality artificial grass like ours. The blades feel soft under their paws – even gentler than natural grass. Dogs love rolling around and stretching out on the non-abrasive surface. The temperature also remains pleasantly cool even under blazing Arizona sunlight.

The intrinsic durability and drainage of artificial turf also appeals to dogs. They quickly learn it’s a surface they won’t track mud or dirt on, meaning no more baths after playtime! And urine drains through rather than pooling or staining, helping keep odors at bay. Pets discover our artificial grass installs are the cleanest, most comfortable places for them to play and relax outside.

Is It Easy to Clean Artificial Grass for Dogs?

One of the greatest advantages of pet friendly turf in Phoenix is the ease of care and cleaning. While real grass requires regular mowing, watering, weeding, and pruning, our synthetic lawns need little upkeep. 

To clean pet waste, simply spray the area with a hose until the waste washes through the turf. Then spray a pet-friendly disinfectant and deodorizer formulated for synthetic grass. Monthly application of antimicrobial treatments can further inhibit bacteria and neutralize odors.

The only other maintenance required is occasional raking or fluffing to prevent matting and grain. With proper care, our synthetic grass remains fresh, vibrant, and sanitary for dogs’ enjoyment. No more struggles trying to manage real grass with pets trampling through! Artificial lawns retain their flawless look year-round with minimal work required.

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For convenient green space that keeps your dog clean, safe, and comfortable year-round, consider installing pet-friendly artificial grass. 

Sunburst Landscaping offers artificial lawns designed specifically with pets’ needs in mind. Contact us today or call 623-412-2200 for a free consultation and quote customized for your property. We’ll show you how hassle-free, durable synthetic turf can make your life easier while giving your pets ample space to play and explore!