Artificial Grass Is the Perfect Poolside Landscaping Surface for Your Home

Posted by Sunburst Landscaping on October 4, 2017
Artificial Grass
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Aside from adding real estate value to a home, an above-ground or in-ground pool in the backyard is a great investment towards relaxation and an active lifestyle. This is true for areas like Phoenix where temperatures are almost always ideal for taking a plunge in the pool. However, many people find that maintaining a pool throughout the year is no easy task. Countless hours are spent vacuuming the pool floor, catching grass blades or debris with a net, and mopping up mud tracks.

Fortunately for homeowners in Scottsdale or elsewhere, installing artificial grass around the pool can significantly cut down the need for cleanup. The unique features of artificial turf will allow you to get more enjoyment from your pool.
Install Artificial Grass Around Your Pool for a Safer, Low-Maintenance Yard

Retain a Pristine Poolside

The contrast between the vividly green grass and cool blue water is truly a sight to behold. With synthetic grass, you can rest easy knowing it will stay that way for years to come. Unlike natural grass, artificial turf retains its color even if chlorinated water splashes over it from time to time. Excessive water is also no problem since the water will just drain away through its permeable backing.
Forget mowing, weeding, aerating, fertilizing and watering. Artificial grass will remain evenly colored and attractive with just a simple low-maintenance routine. It just needs to be sprayed down from time to time to remove dust and debris on the surface. If the type of turf you get has long enough blades, a bit of brushing may also be needed.

Avoid Tracking Mud and Dirt

Where there’s water on the backyard, there’s always a risk of tracking mud into the house. This is why the poolside must always be kept clean and clear of any dirt. However, mud is almost always inevitable if you surround the pool with natural grass. Even just a tiny amount of water can turn soil into mud that can dirty the pool water.
With no soil and excellent drainage capabilities, artificial grass solves this problem. Excess water is simply absorbed by the porous layer underneath, and then directed away from the surface. Even in the off chance that it rains, your lawn will not have any mud puddles.

Keep Cool Under the Sun

It can be almost unbearable to hang out by the pool under the heat of the noon sun especially if your pool deck is made of concrete, brick or tile. These types of surfaces retain a lot of heat even after the sun has gone down. If any unassuming pool goer happens to step onto the overheated surface, they can end up with blistered soles.
To avoid the risk of such an incident, you can instead opt for artificial turf. Synthetic grass will still get hot when directly exposed to the sun but it will not be as dangerous as sun baked concrete. Just hose it down before allowing people to use the pool to keep it cool and comfy for bare feet.

Reduce Grass Clippings

If you ever laid down natural grass in the backyard, then you’re all too familiar with the nuisance of finding grass clippings in the oddest places after mowing. Clippings sometimes get stuck under wet feet or are blown away by a gust of wind, eventually ending up in the pool. Skimming the water for stray blades of grass is hard work even if you have a perfectly functioning pool filter.
This is where artificial grass is most useful. Because it requires no trimming or mowing, no grass blades or any other sort of residual lawn waste can find their way into the water. Artificial grass is also designed to withstand heavy foot traffic. You don’t have to worry about children accidentally ripping out some of the grass while they play.

Reduce Slipping and Injury Risks

You can expect a lot of diving, splashing and running to happen by the poolside if you have kids at home. On any other surface such as concrete, tile or natural grass, rowdy behavior will up the risks of slip and fall accidents. With artificial grass installed around the pool’s perimeter, you can reduce the risks of injuries.
Artificial grass provides the necessary traction and grip for wet, bare feet. It also absorbs excess water to create a safe, non-slip area. Additionally, if someone does end up tripping anyway, synthetic grass offers a softer surface to catch the fall. You can count on less scraped knees and more poolside fun.
Professionally installed synthetic turf can only enhance your overall pool experience and further increase the value of your home. Reputable companies such as Sunburst Landscaping can help make your pool area safer and more aesthetically pleasing.
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